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So you think you're smart, eh? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

The Public House is now hosting free live trivia each tuesday night from 7pm - 10pm. 1st place gets a $50 Public House gift card, 2nd place wins a $25 gift card and third place wins a $10 gift card.

here's how it works:

arrive a little early if possible to grab your pencil and paper and give your team name to your host.

The host will read a question and then play a song over the pa system. teams have the time it takes for that song to play (approx 3.5 minutes) to write down ther answer and bring it up to the host. The host will then share the correct answer with the group and go on to the next question.

There are two rounds consisting of a total of 20 questions. questions 10 and 20 are multiple point questions, though allowing teams to either catch up or pull away from the pack!

at the end of the 2nd round, the team with the most points wins. Gift cards awarded at the end of the game cannot be used on the same night they are won.

we're open seven days from 11am - 2am.

you can come visit at 1112 colley avenue norfolk, va 23517

you can call us at (757) 227-9064

We're hiring! Click here to download our application.
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